How to Tell if Your Debt Collector is a Fraud

But knowing how some scam operators work can make you think twice about the sites you visit and what you do when you get there. When asking for this information to be mailed to you, do not provide your mailing address. The judgments against Coppinger and Rowland will be suspended upon surrender of certain assets. I am attempting to service notice on to Michelle Boggs in regards to case file naming you as the primary person of interest. Someone please help me!!

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 · The Internet Crime Complaint Center has received many complaints from victims of payday loan telephone collection scams. Callers claim the victim is delinquent in a payday loan and must repay the loan to avoid legal › Home › News › Press Room › Press Releases.  · How To Spot A Payday Loan Collection Scam. While there are legitimate debt collectors out there attempting to collect legitimate debts stemming from payday loans, I hope this guide can at least help you weed out potential scammers that want to do nothing more than separate you from your money. Payday loan scams involve /ugc/how-to-spot-a-payday-loan-collection-scam.  · Scams and Safety. Be Crime Smart Advice Collection Scam Related to Delinquent Payday Loans. Info This is archived material from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) website. It may contain outdated information and links may no longer function. Twitter ; Facebook ; Share New Twists to Telephone Collection Scam › Home › News › Press Room › Press Releases.

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Telephone Collection Scam Related to Delinquent Payday Loans

Cash Advance harassed her via her office phone by making 25 calls over the course of one work day. The article notes that the Better Business Bureau said U. Here are some tips for those who find themselves on the other end of the phone line from a payday loan collection scammer:. Offer to call them back at the provided number. If it is indeed legitimate, you should request proof in writing as to the exact amount of the money you owe.

This is required by law. When asking for this information to be mailed to you, do not provide your mailing address. If they are indeed a legitimate company they will already have the information on file.

You should let them know you are aware of their transgression and hang up immediately. These types of calls should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission contact info provided below. Everyone is allowed one free credit report each year via annualcreditreport. If they call me and I don't answer they light up my phone and then start calling work and asking for a manager or supervisor What do I need to do to end this. Im amazed when these stories get to me. Open a NEW account, then.

It is NOT your name or phone number that matters ALL that matters, IS: It is good to show a real live person whats going on. Just say, "who do I speak with, NOW, about faudulent activity in my acount? Just state it as fact. You dont need to know who broke in your house, exactly, do you, before you go tell the police you were robbed and they better catch the robbers! Will you please find out the best contact name for who I should call, and their number from your corporate office?

Or, at least get ME in touch with them to get some guidance. You MAY have to take it in cash. Just hold it in your hand for the 5 min it takes her to open the new one, and then deposit it all. You are NOT asking them to do you a favor. This is business, and YOU are the customer. You do NOT need to sound like youre "trying," at --either convincing them that it is TRUE or of anything OR like you want to explain and explain so you can "hope" they let you "get out" of paying for the charges and withdrawals made Yes, you probably WERE tricked into giving someone access to your debit card We have caught a few I appreciate your insite.

I have taken your advise in consideration. These basterds have been harrassing me for more then 2 years. I will do anything to make this stop so thank you I'll give it a shot.

I was taken for close to I had been getting calls at work everyday from these crooks.. I called the first company which I had paid in full they ask who is call you I told them then they put me on the line with a supervisor who called the company turns out my account for the loan had been sold to 20 different places all of which where trying to collect in the same loan Recently he left me a message threatening me stating that if he does not hear from either me our my attorney I will not like the hell that will be ensued on me and my family!

After googling the number online I found out that I am not the only one and he uses a different name every time These people are from India pulling the same scheme on tons and tons of people.

People have gotten fired from their jobs due to them calling them constantly. They don't only change their names they also change their numbers quite often too. I am doing my research to catch these scumbags because jail is where they belong!!!! They are just modern day loan sharks. They don't encourage this because they don't make much off it. Be careful or you'll find yourself on that long black train to payday hell. I don't care what anyone owes these vulchers, the low life collection agents have no idea why your account is delinquent and they are not paid to pass judgement.

So if a company is using rude or fear inducing tactics as a way to manipulate vulnerable and decent people, then they have already broken the law because they are prohibited by the law to use aggressive tactics to collect on bad debt. So ignore these bastards as they clearly don't respect the laws that govern their own conduct in collecting debt. I did not the first number for the loan is and the number for the federal trade commission is can you provide me with any help getting my money back.

You most likely will not get your money back. The number to the TFC is File a report. The Federal Trade Commission doesn't collect debt from individuals. The agency doesn't "flag" people's Social Security numbers because of debt either.

This is another version of an imposter scam where someone claims to be from a government agency and demands payment. We've written about this in several recent blog posts:. Hello, James, I recently did the same thing, applied for an installment loan, and purchased a green dot money park card and loaded Fraud division, they wwill need a copy of receipt and the front and back of the great dot scan, to investigate.

I still trying to get my I keep getting phone calls the last one was from I asked when did the FTC call citizens regarding debt. I never got an answer. I too just received a phone call for a guy representing the FTC. He said he was an officer and he would arrest me. I have been working through personal debt for a little bit now. If he can't send me something in writing then I pay him no concern.

I have received emails and phone calls as well asking for money for a payday loan in which I never heard of this compay. I did google number and saw it was a scam. I can send you a copy of the latest two emails I received.

I told them to go to hell. The one thing no one seems to be mentioning is this. Most of the calls, if not all of them, are coming via VOIP voice over internet phone and they are coming from India yet all the thick accented scammers have very American names. If they were in the United States, this would not fly, but considering they are outside of the country, they will make threats, call repeatedly, curse and try to threaten legal action.

Incase you didn't know, here's a few tips. NO law enforcement agency collects debts. They will not call you, they will not ask for money over the phone, they will do none of the things described in previous posts.

If law enforcement is looking for you, they sure as hell aren't gonna tip you off and tell you. Secondly, as far as eing sent official looking court papers, again, if they ask for money its a scam. Court papers will be delivered by hand by the local sheriff or other law enforcement authority or sent by certified mail with legitimate contact names and numbers. Yes you are right they are from India and they change their names and numbers constantly. Debt is a scary thing.

Losing money on accident or for no reason is also scary if not terrifying. Unfortunately this situation plays out all the time. This type of debt collection scam works because most people do not want to be in debt especially to a collections agency.

The scammers are able to impersonate legitimate debt collectors and then use threats, insults, abuse, pressure and extreme claims to bully average people just like you into giving them money. The worst part is that they will probably try to contact, or at least threaten to contact, your friends and family as well as your boss or coworkers.

The reason this scams still exists is because it works. A collections account will leave a huge black mark on your credit report for a long time and can even prevent you from getting new credit when you need it. So if you ever receive calls from a debt collector, whether you know you have debt or not, do yourself a favor and investigate before you pay.

Always ask for a debt collector to provide you with written proof that they are in fact legitimate as they are required to if you ask. If your debt collector refuses or tries to avoid this topic then you would be correct to assume that they are trying to scam you.