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What's Wrong With This Picture?

I prefer to rely on bias, the sky, and my own sense of lazy acuity. I had relationship with pisces man. All along thought everything is all good for us.

But when it comes to a small issues for him it was like Striked by a lightning bolt with thunder. They can't handle problems nor able to sit down and talk civilised. And yet again he will blamed, cursed, judged and accusing you a liar and fake. But here I am trying make amends for what I've done but wasn't good enough for him. Trying to ask for forgiveness with no expectations but no he won't accept it.

He turned and twisted the stories but he doesn't know that me as Fixed air Aqua sign libra moon sign woman who can remember every little details and have good memories things he said to me was very different on what we talked about.

He so harsh with words and he put me down so hard that he will go for revenge if he can. He knows that the relationship won't work beforehand and he wanted to leave me, but he just waited for the right moment when I decided to pushed him away myself and ended the relationship because of frustrations and misleading.

For him that's the way he deceived ppl so ppl see him as a victim and I am the bad person. His very charmed and charisma. He love smooth talking which I was drawn to him in the first place. His got so many women friends exes thou feels like he owned this women. He collects numbers of women from the past that he rel with and even chatted to them from time to time to say hello or text for coffee or maybe have some little get away without me knowing it.

He loves collecting things even coupons and little small collectibles. He reluctantly overspend money at me but he goes indulged himself if he wants. Disorganised room thou he can make things tidier when I'm around but open the draws it's a tsunami. His dreamy person who needs to wake up from time to time to see the reality. He lives from the past and yet again he never learns from it. His escapist he won't take the responsibility of his actions.

Then he will go pursuit his dreams without letting me know and at the meantime he will tell me I told you before I said no! Only when it was already having a roller coaster ride with him and things getting harder to understand the issues of what's been happening. For that, he will accused me of lying and dishonest to him.

Me i am all loyal, trust, honest, true and true and will love and do everything for him to make him the happiest person in the world. But unfortunately not the 'One' for me. His lacking of self control and needs to be honest to himself and to everyone around him. The overall outcome, he doesn't want to be trapped in a relationship he wants to be free with no commitments no marriage nor children but his very family orientated.

He just a wanderer, explorer, a traveller man with no destination to stop and he will do it alone. But he can changed his persona to ppl that nothing's happened and it's all good but deep down a lot of frustrations and confusions in his head.

He can't decide and he will never will if no one pushed him at the end he will make an effort but it will take awhile. Remember 2 fish yin and yang. The one swims from the past and one swims to the future but depends on how long it will take to get there.

When the fish swims away they will never go back for good. Remember my friend doesn't matter what forced you want to do.

Most well moved on cause if not you going to hurt yourself. They will revenge on there own time. It's like a horishima it will explode like the world is shaking so hard that it will take awhile to rebuilt the whole nation. Best of luck for everyone if u can make a peace do it now and move on. Always remember a saying plenty of fish in the sea you just have to get the right one for u Pls do protect ur heart don't give it all the way I swear these are all my dark secrets haha, it made me laugh reading this..

Like it describes me just right in front of my face, and I swear, I dnt feel guilty about these haha. Lisa, there are some good Piscean traits and many very fine Pisces people, especially poets, musicians, and health workers. It sometimes seems hard for them to find themselves. Hate to say it every pisces I met is wolf in sheeps clothing. Also emotional drainers, pranoid, cheap, cry babies and users.

If you actually believe that character, the future, Fate, etc. Im a pieces and i don't do any of that i've never had a boyfriend so i can't say i've ever cheated or im disloyal to someone because im not my dad is a pieces too but he's a little bit of both and i bud heads with him a lot because he can be irrational and stubborn but im not only if it comes to people who are asses to me then maybe.

This is about negative pieces, for me I have encountered a few and have heatd many horror stories from friends and relatives about bad pieces.

My mom is one and she is the sweetest most caring woman I know and believe I know her well, she is my best friend, very gentle and kind and also giving. But the other pieces I have met oh boy! The men when bad are sneaky, quiet, little liars and cleptomaniacs, and the bad pieces woman are very untrustworthy, have fedielty issues, manipulate with sex and seduction and cry and complain when they can't have your attention.

Ms Sylvia Sky, I have just spent the past couple of hours devouring your entertaining and insightful articles. I also appreciate the no-punches-pulled honesty of the writing; as I've read you have a background in journalism, it's not surprising that your style is concise and objective.

That said, I'll admit to being a Pisces sun sign, and the traits described -with a couple exceptions- do fit me too well on a bad day. While some of the commentators saw the article as upsetting or disheartening, they could try to look at it from a different perspective. Being forewarned about one's negative inclinations can be helpful; it makes it easier to recognise and work to remedy these aspects when they surface.

It also is reassuring to realize, like Cyndi10 stated, no one is all or nothing; character is not solely dependent upon a sun sign. There's also the rising sign, the moon sign, the influence of the planets as they pass through, and most importantly, an individual's own will. Anyway, Pisces is a mutable sign, not fixed one.

And for those who called it "bashing", seeing not only the articles as "wrong" just because it concerns an unsavory subject but also the author herself as wrong for writing it, the ignorance your comments reflected should be shameful to you. Lessellyn, I'm talking to you.

I would have held my tongue if you had left it at merely expressing a shortsighted perception, but you also had to take it a step further, suggesting that those who would seek counsel from the author are "idoits" hey just use "fool" if you can't spell, idiot , and confidently proclaiming Ms Sky a "damaged soul" incapable of dispensing advice without causing harm while assuming her motive for covering the topic was to gleefully put people down.

The only cry for help relating to these articles is your own, expressed more soundly by your obtuse and assuming reaction and your ability to spell relatively common words than an audible scream. You can't just grow a sense of humor, but you could take some time for consideration before you jump to conclusions and launch a barely literate attack; there's some advice for you, mote it be.

I saw Pisces' good side. This man was so romantic, except when he had to pay for something, and witty and cheerful and sexy, and always said, "I want everyone I interact with to have a positive experience.

Conspiracy freak, compulsive cheater, porn addict, and hoarder. I'm a Pisces and was born under the Chinese Astrological sign of the Snake which gives me a double whammy of secretiveness and other not so nice characteristics. On the other hand we are creative, lovers of beauty, giving, good with finances and a host of other wonderful attributes.

This was a fun read, especially when you know no one is all or nothing. Well, at least I hope not. Going to look for an article that talks about the good side of Pisces. No Pisces hater here. I hate no one.

Was your comment in reference to anything in particular SylviaSky? Another astrologer told me there are a lot of Pisces haters out there.

It is wrong to believe they are all bad. Be fair to your good Piscean friends. One of the better reads I have enjoyed lately. I was just curious,SylviaSky, do you follow the OLD horoscope or the updated zodiac signs because of something about the leap year, I don't remember right now, but just wondering on your thoughts. Working on a "How Scorpio Makes Enemies" article right now.

This hub was a wonderful read!! What's really interesting is add a Redneck element, and that is me!! Voted all the way up and across for ya. Gee I'm so glad to know everyone else on the planet is perfect. Should I go shoot myself? Well I have Pisces enemies and this is how really they are. Cold chicken heads with nothing to do but treat people bad for their sick pleasure. And Pisces love lying about nothing too.

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Found the following so true: Because they think they know everything, they are the worst judge of character. Hi Sylvia, I have a pisces moon and a leo sun, with mercury and venus in cancer and mars in virgo. How you respond to this is certainly a reflection of your character: Only a piscean can actually write about a pisces sun. This is a complex sign to be so general about. I too am a Pisces And I hate it!! Love you need to get your facts straight you are waaaay too downer.

Cheap n lustful n undermining institutions. And want sex beyond limits. But scorpios are the same. So, which is it? Almost every trait you described is true. Gwenny, I was speaking generally. Thank you for your kind compliment. The article is satirical. Please go back to school and develop a sense of humor. When anyone says that, I say, "Don't give anyone that satisfaction! I am a Pisces and this does not describe me at all! This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things.

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